Brisbane SIGCHI Annual Meeting and Election

According to the our ACM chapter by-laws, each year we need to hold an annual election meeting where members can elect the chapter officers. Voting membership in the Chapter is granted to all active Chapter members. Chapter officers will be elected by a plurality of votes cast at the meeting. 

Positions for election: 

  • Chair: (Jared Donovan currently serving) 
  • Vice-chair: (Laurianne Sitbon currently serving) 
  • Treasurer: (Stephen Viller currently serving)

As well as being able to vote in these elections, all chapter members are eligible to stand for an elected officer position. If you are interested in this, all of the current officers are happy to discuss what is involved and what other opportunities there are to be involved.  

At our meeting we will ask you how the chapter is going, make plans for what to do next year, and discuss other opportunities for participation.  

The Annual Chapter Meeting will be held on October 31st 2022 from 11-1am via ZOOM (link)